Self-Paced Spectroscopy Learning

Fundamentals, best practice, troubleshooting and method development training for spectroscopy users

Separation Science Spectroscopy Tutorials is a leading global portal for fundamentals, best practice, troubleshooting and method development training for analytical spectroscopy techniques, whether you are new to the field or a regular user. Comprehensive, self-paced online courses and validated learning provides a unique education resource for analytical chemists.

Available Tutorials

Improve your analytical skills by visiting the ‘Atomic Spectroscopy Learning Hub’, a free-access portal produced by Separation Science. This course is designed to enhance your knowledge, best practice and troubleshooting skills in the use of atomic spectroscopy techniques. Current and future course modules include:

Tutorial #1: ICP-MS Sample Introduction – from the peristaltic pump through to extraction of the ions produced in the plasma into the MS detector. Top tips for sample introduction, as well as further reading and resources.

Tutorial #2: ICP-MS Application Specific Setup – fundamentals of routine analysis with aqueous sample, working with high total dissolved solids containing sample, organic solvent analysis, and working with samples containing hydrofluoric acid matrix in solution.

Tutorial #3: ICP-MS Speciation Analysis – In this tutorial, Gareth Pearson and guest presenter Jenny Nelson will cover the topic of ICP-MS speciation. An introduction and general overview will set the scene for this topic before a more in-depth look at both HPLC-ICP-MS and GC-ICP-MS applications.

Tutorial #4: Ask an ICP-MS expert interview – upcoming in 2021

These tutorials are presented by Dr Gareth Pearson (ICP-MS Supplies Product Manager, Agilent). Currently, Dr Pearson is based at the Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Centre in Melbourne, Australia, and has over 15 years’ experience in Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy.


Atomic Absorption Tutorials​

In this learning series you’ll be provided with video tutorials discussing fundamentals, best practice tips and tricks, and maintenance and troubleshooting advice for atomic absorption spectroscopy. Course modules include:

Tutorial #1: Types & Performance of AA Lamps – covers common types of ‘hollow cathode’ lamps that are available for use with AA instrumentation. Performance and lifetime advantages of will also be addressed.

Tutorial #2: Improving Performance – top 5 tips for improving and optimizing the performance of your flame atomic absorption instruments. Potential issues that can impact on performance will be outlined and advice on maintenance to avoid common problems will be covered.

Tutorial #3: Maintenance, Consumables & Resources – recommended maintenance schedules for flame atomic absorption instrumentation, and guidelines on recommended consumables and supplies that you should stock.

Tutorial #4: Questions & Answers – a series of attendee questions submitted at a recent seminar focusing on real-world tips and tricks to help atomic absorption users with operation and maintenance.

These tutorials are presented by Eric Vanclay (Spectroscopy Supplies Product Marketing Manager, Agilent). He has over 30 years’ experience with all of the atomic spectroscopy techniques. He is based at Agilent’s Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Centre in Melbourne, Australia.