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Welcome to the ‘Atomic Spectroscopy Learning Hub: ICP-OES’, a free access portal produced by Separation Science in collaboration with Agilent. The course is designed to improve your knowledge, best practice and troubleshooting skills in the use of ICP-OES techniques. This course currently comprises two modules – the outline for which is below – each module has an associated quiz to validate your learning experience.

The tutorials currently available are:

Tutorial #1: ICP-OES Sample Introduction Overview

  • Improve your knowledge on the key components of the ICP-OES sample introduction system.
  • Understand the function and selection factors of peristaltic pump tubing, nebulizers, spray chambers and torches for ICP-OES.
  • Learn best practices and top tips for the various components.

Tutorial #2: ICP-OES Application Specific Setup
In this tutorial, you will learn which sample introduction system components need to be used for successful analysis of different applications. This includes:

  • Standard aqueous analysis
  • High total dissolved solids (TDS) analysis
  • Hydrofluoric (HF) acid samples
  • Organic solvent samples including semi-volatile, volatile and ketone based solvents.
The course will comprise a series of learning modules as outlined above – completing each module, including answering all quiz questions correctly, will result in you receiving a certificate of completion.

The course presenter is Lindsey Whitecotton (ICP-OES Supplies Product Manager, Agilent, Delaware, USA). Lindsey joined Agilent in 2014 as an ICP-MS and ICP-OES Applications Chemist and is now the ICP-OES Supplies Product Manager. She is an experienced Application Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in a variety of industries, and skilled in chemistry, impurities, sample preparation, spectroscopy, ICP-MS, ICP-OES and MC-ICP-MS. Lindsey has a passion for helping customers develop and optimize methods across all applications.

Lindsey is joined by colleagues including:
Alejandro Amorin (Technical Marketing Engineer, Agilent, Australia). Alejandro joined Agilent’s spectroscopy supplies marketing team in Mulgrave in 2012. Since then has been working in several projects and activities related with the improvement and development of spectroscopy consumables such as nebulizers, torches and spray chambers to help users around the world. Over the years Alejandro has gained extensive hands-on laboratory experience in various analytical areas, including atomic and molecular spectroscopy as well as IC, HPLC, and GC. He also spent four years in instruments and consumables sales.

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