Atomic Spectroscopy Learning Hub: ICP-MS

Welcome to the ‘Atomic Spectroscopy Learning Hub: ICP-MS’, a free access portal produced by Separation Science in collaboration with Agilent. The course is designed to improve your knowledge, best practice and troubleshooting skills in the use of ICP-MS techniques. This course currently comprises four modules – the outline for which is below – each module has an associated quiz to validate your learning experience.

The modules are:

  • Sample Introduction – available now
  • ICP-MS application specific set up – available now
  • ICP-MS Speciation – available now
  • Laser Ablation ICP-MS – available now

The course will comprise a series of learning modules as outlined above – completing each module, including answering all quiz questions correctly, will result in you receiving a certificate of completion. There will also be a course completion certificate once all modules have been successfully finished.

The course presenter is Dr Gareth Pearson (ICP-MS Supplies Product Manager at Agilent). Gareth graduated from the University of Hull, UK in 2003 with a M.Chem. in Chemistry with Analytical Chemistry & Toxicology. He went on to complete a Ph.D. using ICP-MS in 2007 with the title “Elemental Speciation and Miniaturised Sample Introduction Studies for ICP-MS”. He has worked as a Product Manager in the UK and Australia for Spectroscopy and Sample Preparation instrumentation since 2007. Currently, Dr. Pearson is the ICP-MS Spectroscopy Supplies Product Manager for Agilent based at the Spectroscopy Technology Innovation Centre in Melbourne, Australia. He has over 15 years’ experience in Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy.

To begin the course click on the first course module below. You will then be able to watch that module before answering a series of questions to validate your learning experience. Enjoy the course!